• Increased base Damage from 50 to 80 (+60%)

Developer commentsThe Banshee is kind of a niche unit, best picked for its unique ‘fear’ ability. With this damage boost, we hope to make it feel more useful in a broader range of decks.


  • Decreased base Health from 1296 to 1100 (-15%)

Developer comments: We felt that the Bombard had more health than was warranted, given its extremely long range, so have reduced it a bit.


  • Increased base Damage from 120 to 140 (+17%)

Developer comments: In looking to increase viable ranged warrior options, we’ve elected to give the Huntress’ basic ranged attack a buff.

Mortar Guard

  • Increased base Damage from 150 to 175 (+17%)
  • Increased base Damage Vs. Titans from 450 to 700 (+56%)

Developer comments: The Mortar Guard was a bit under-tuned given some of its inherent disadvantages (set-up time and forced retreat), so we’ve upped its damage a little to compensate.

Plague Doctor

  • Increased base Health from 760 to 880 (+16%)

Developer comments: The Plague Doctor’s short range puts it closer to harm’s way than other ranged warriors, yet its Health pool was relatively low by comparison, so we’ve decided to up its base Health a little to give it some more survivability.

Shield Knight

  • Increased base Health from 2453 to 3250 (+32%)
  • Increased base Damage from 119 to 150 (+26%)
  • Decreased Spawn Count from 10 to 8 (-20%)

Developer comments: We want the Shield Knight to be a noticeably beefy front-line warrior, and felt that having ten of them spawn in a swarm like Swordsmen detracted from this conceptually. Instead, we’ve decided to reduce the number that spawn and buff each individual Shield Knight to compensate.


  • Decreased base Damage from 1150 to 1040 (-10%)
  • Decreased base Damage Vs Titans from 750 to 520 (-31%)
  • Decreased base Health from 1160 to 980 (-16%)

Developer comments: Last time we increased the number of Snipers that spawn in each wave but nerfed each individual Sniper to compensate. We feel we might not have gone far enough with that change, and so have decided to tone things back even further.


  • Increased base Damage from 120 to 140 (+17%)

Developer comments: Because of its piercing attack, the Sorcerer has always had the lowest relative damage of the ranged warriors. While we initially felt this handicap was warranted, as the game has progressed and more new cards have been released, it has come to seem a bit antiquated. Hopefully this change makes the Sorcerer more appealing for its cost.


Arcane Aegis

  • Decreased Mana Cost from 2 to 1 (-50%)
  • Decreased Duration at level 1 from 8 seconds to 4 seconds(-50%)
  • Decreased Duration per level from 0.2 seconds to 0.1 seconds (-50%)

Developer comments: Arcane Aegis is a powerful spell that requires foresight to use properly, and we want to accentuate this idea. In reducing its mana cost but also its duration, we want to make it a more flexible but also more reactionary option.

Attack Turret

  • Reduced Duration from 24 to 20.5 (-15%)
  • Reduced Health from 20,000 to 17,150 (-14%)

Developer comments: The Attack Tower is still a bit too strong for our taste. We’ve reduced its duration and health so that it can be used more as an offensive burst than as a sustained damage option.


  • Increased Spawn Count from 5 to 7 (+40%)
  • Increased Spawn Time from 3.6 to 5 (+39%)

Developer comments: Currently, the Barracks trickles Swordsmen at a fairly steady pace that doesn’t necessarily lend itself well to forming a large push with the added warriors. We’ve altered the Barracks to produce more Swordsmen in each wave, but less often.


  • Increased Radius from 7 to 9 (+39%)

Developer comments: Grow’s small radius is left over from when many spells had radii that made using them more difficult than is the case with most spells currently in the game, so this change is meant to bring it more up to speed with other cards.


  • Increased Radius from 5 to 6 (+20%)
  • Increased Duration from 8.6 seconds to 14 seconds (+63%)
  • Decreased Bonus Speed from 70% to 50% (-29%)

Developer comments: We want Haste to have a longer impact and be easier to use, so we’ve made some changes accordingly.

Mana Storm

  • Decreased base Damage Vs Buildings from 600 to 400 (-33%)
  • Decreased Duration from 6 to 4 (-33%)
  • Meteors now drop every 0.1 sec, was 0.15 (-33%)

Developer comments: This change is meant to make Mana Storm take up less game time while still having the same forceful impact. The overall duration of the Storm is less, but meteors now hit faster. In addition, we’ve lowered the spell’s damage vs. buildings to emphasize its intended anti-warrior nature.

Titan Hunter

  • Decreased Axe Cooldown from 7 to 5 (-29%)

Developer comments: The fun and usefulness of this Heroic spell comes from its giant, Titan-destroying axe ability, which we feel isn’t on display quite enough. We’ve decided to lower the axe’s cooldown so this card’s unique nature is on display more often.


Fire Elemental

  • Increased base Health from 24,000 to 26,500 (+10%)
  • Increased Empower Damage Bonus from 25% to 40% (+15%)
  • Decreased Maximum Empowers from 5 to 3 (-40%)

Developer comments: In its current incarnation, the Fire Elemental needs to be on the field for a very long time to reach its full potential, which we think may be discouraging players from using it. We’ve decided to condense its total Empowers down to three, from five, to allow it to reach an impactful power level more easily.


  • Increased base Health from 14,091 to 18,000 (+28%)
  • Increased base Grave Health from 14,091 to 15,050 (+7%)
  • Decreased Attack Speed from 1.5 to 1.25 (-17%)

Developer comments: The Phantom’s use rate drops off significantly once more Titan options become available in later tiers. Because of the nature of its unique ‘Phantom Grave’ mechanic, each of the Phantom’s forms has significantly less health than any other Titan, which can be a big handicap. We’ve bumped up the health of both forms to give it more staying power, and increased its attack speed to make it a more formidable opponent.

Wind Elemental

  • Increased base Damage from 355 to 450 (+27%)

Developer comments: The Wind Elemental’s use rates begin to slump in higher tiers. We’re hoping this change will make it more attractive in more situations.