iPhone X Support

We’ve added true iPhone X support in the new update, for all you early adopters out there looking to smash castles.

Copy Player Deck

You’ll now be able to copy a player’s deck for your own. This will hopefully increase experimentation, as with a push of a button, you can shake up your deck entirely. See something interesting in a replay? Try it for yourself!

Balance Changes


Plague Doctor

  • Attack now reduces enemy healing received by 80%



  • Affected units now take 80% reduced healing

Developer comments: Damage over time effects are too easily countered by healing effects so we’ve decided to add a reduced healing effect to the Plague Doctor’s attacks and Contagion to separate their use cases from instantaneous damage effects.

Shield Break

  • Decreased health reduction from 30% to 20% (-33%)
  • *New* Increases damage taken by the target by 2% per second up to a max of 50% increased damage taken.

Developer comments: Adding a damage taken debuff with a ramp up will allow shield break to solidify its place as a counter to titans and high health warriors while separating it from instantaneous effects like Fireball or Chain Lightning.


Monkey King

  • The Monkey King now increases the movement speed of nearby allied units by 20%

Developer comments: The Monkey King often out paces his allies so this movement speed aura will help keep his support near him.

Mana Troll

  • Allies affected by Crystallize now take 40% reduced damage.

Developer comments: The invulnerability provided by the Mana Troll’s crystallize ability was very powerful; too much so. Instead we’ve replaced it with percentage damage reduction on allies. This still provides added protection to allies but without being so overpowering.

Orc Thrasher

  • Fixed a bug affecting the Orc Thrasher’s attack arc.