This update brings a big new game system: Runes!

At level 4, Runes unlock and you are able to get access to up to 12 unique Rune powers. Each battle, you can decide to take one Rune with you. Each Rune has a unique power that can be used once per match, at no mana cost.

A Rune is available to use in a battle after the first minute (when the Kingdom Bonus expires), and before the last (when the game speeds up). If you use the Rune, it will then go on a lengthy cool down before you can bring it into another match.

Rune Ranks

Runes are divided into Ranks. Each Rank has three Runes. The first three ranks contain Player Runes, which you unlock and upgrade for yourself. The fourth is the Clan Rank which has three Clan Runes that are unlocked and upgraded collaboratively with your Clan.

The second and third Ranks have unlock requirements, which you can see by tapping on the Lock icon. You won’t be able to access these Runes until you unlock them.  The Clan Rank is only available if you belong to a Clan.

Rune Rank Award

Each Rank also has a special award you can collect if you upgrade all three Runes in that Rank to level 5. Remember to collect your award before the end of the season!  The Clan Rank award is available to all members of the clan when the final Clan Rune is fully upgraded.

Rune Unlock and Levels

Each Rune has five levels. Unlocking a Rune starts it at level 1. Upgrading a Rune improves its effect. The Cooldown time, however, is unaffected.

Clan Runes require substantially more RP to unlock and upgrade than Player Runes, but the entire Clan works on them together. Once a Clan Rune is unlocked, the entire Clan membership has access to it. And the Clan Rune level is the same for all Clan members.

Rune Points

You unlock and upgrade Runes with Rune Points. You earn 1 Rune Point for each Shield you are awarded from a battle (normal and challenge) if, and only if, you win. You can spend RPs on your Player Runes, or contribute to Clan Rune unlocking and upgrading.

Rune Cooldown

Using a Rune in a battle will cause it to go on Cooldown. While on Cooldown a Rune can no longer be brought into another battle, nor can you upgrade it. Player Runes have long Cooldowns, so it’s important to unlock as many Runes as possible to have one available to bring into battle more often.

Clan Runes have shorter Cooldowns than Player Runes, making them advantageous to unlock as early as possible.

You can use gems to shorten a Rune’s Cooldown, but you can only defray up to half of the total Cooldown time on any given Rune this way.

Using a Rune

During a battle, the Rune icon will replace the Kingdom Bonus icon after the first minute of play. You can see both your and your opponent’s Rune (if brought).

Tap this icon to show a description of the Rune.  Tap USE to deploy a Rune’s power! This can be done only once per battle. The Rune will now go into Cooldown (which last many hours).

Using a Rune requires no mana.

If you don’t use a Rune in battle there is no Cooldown and you can bring it into another battle right away.

Rune Seasons

Runes are a seasonal game mechanic! Each season all Runes relock and all unused Rune Points are reset.  Some of the Runes will be cycled out and new ones cycled in. The Rune Rank unlock requirements and awards can also vary from one season to the next.

Players who end the season in a Prestige tier will receive some starting Rune Points for the next season:

Guardian 3 20 RP
Guardian 2 25 RP
Guardian 1 30 RP
Conqueror 3 40 RP
Conqueror 2 50 RP
Conqueror 1 60 RP
Legend 3 80 RP
Legend 2 100 RP
Legend 1 120 RP

Make sure that if you have any Rank Upgrade awards available that you collect them before the season ends!

Other Rune Notes

  • Rune Points are only awarded from normal battles and challenges. Not from trainer or friendly battles.
  • Runes are generally not allowed in Challenge battles, though some can optionally allow it (or even specify certain Runes).
  • Any Runes you have unlocked can be used in Friendly Battles and Trainer Battles, but using them there will not put them on cool-down, so it is safe to experiment there.
  • All players have the same Rune rules, so they have access to the exact same set of Runes, unlock requirements and awards.
  • Leaving a Clan to join another will not reset your Cooldowns on Clan Runes. Nor will it give you access to Rank Unlock Awards you

Crafting Changes

The Crafting mechanic has made it easy to selectively level just the card or cards you are interested in.  But taken to an extreme, this can create very over balanced decks and cause havoc with matchmaking. We still like Crafting, though, so we’re making some changes to balance these issue out:

Crafting cards will now require more gold and salvaging will give less dust.

In addition, you will only be able to craft enough of a given card such that it can be leveled up to your player level and no higher. By advancing your player level, you can continue to craft more of such cards.

Shop Changes

The Daily Deals section of the Shop has been completely revamped! It now displays six rotating deal slots. Each slot contains a specific offer that can be purchased for either gold or gems. You can find anything from cards to chests to dust. Even Universal Cards or mystery cards will sometimes appear.

Every day there will be one free item in the shop. Don’t forget to collect it!

The Card of The Day card will also appear in the shop each day at a discount over it’s normal price.

We’ve structured it so that every card that you have access too will eventually cycle through.

Three of the daily deal slots are level requirements to unlock. Naturally, these are the ones where you’ll find some of the rarer deals.

Log in Bonuses 

Login daily to receive rewards in your Inbox! Login on consecutive days to earn more rewards!

Free Chest 

The Shop changes and Login Bonuses introduce new free content meant to replace Free Chests, so Free Chests have been removed from the Battle Screen.

Tier Backstopping

You can no longer drop more than one Tier below your highest achieved Tier, excluding Prestige Tiers.

Victory Point Lose Curve

We’ve adjusted the Tier curve that determines how many VPs you lose from a battle somewhat. The previous version was rushing players into Tier 9 too fast and creating a pile-up that the matchmaking could not handle well.

Emoji Support 

You can now use Emoji in your player name, clan name and in clan chat! 😊👍

Balancing Changes



  • Reduced base Damage from 120 to 110 (-8%)
  • Reduced base Damage Vs. Buildings from 120 to 110 (-8%)
  • Reduced base Damage Vs. Titans from 120 to 110 (-8%)

Gyrocopter has long been a dominant flying unit in high tier play. We hope tuning down its damage a bit will make it a little less so, and in turn encourage the use of other options.


  • Increased Mana Cost from 3 to 4 (+33%)

Minotaurs are a very strong and popular warrior, and for good reason. As melee siege warriors, they need to be beefy to survive under constant attack beneath enemy towers, which also makes them strong front line fighters. We want to maintain the Minotaur’s current power, but try to do a little more to reduce its strong combo potential with cards like Portal, Wisp, and Tidal Wave. To achieve this, we’re increasing its cost to make it our first 4-cost warrior.

Mortar Guard

  • Increased Range from 18 to 20 (+11%)
  • Reduced Set-Up Time from 2 to 1 (-50%)

We’re fairly satisfied with the Mortar Guard’s damage output, but with their current range and speed they’re fairly easy to catch and punish at the moment. We’re increasing their range and decreasing their set-up time to make them a little harder to catch. They will also begin retreating slightly sooner.

Plague Doctor

  • Increased base Damage from 40 to 70 (+75%)
  • Increased base Damage Vs. Buildings from 40 to 70 (+75%)
  • Increased base Damage Vs. Titans from 40 to 70 (+75%)
  • Increased base Damage per Second from 40 to 70 (+75%)

When we released the Plague Doctor, we felt that its damage over time might be too strong en masse, so we left its damage weak. After further assessment, however, we think this may have left the warrior underpowered, so we’re giving it a damage boost across the board.


  • Increased Movement Speed slightly

Because of its extreme damage output potential, the Sniper is a very slow warrior, both in attack speed and movement speed. While we’re satisfied with its attack speed for now, we felt it was taking a tad too long to reach firing position, so we’ve upped its movement speed a little to help with that.



  • Reduced Cost from 3 to 2 (-33%)

Haste feels lacking compared to Enrage’s reworked capabilities so we decided to make it cheaper to cast so as to differentiate the two spells. Haste is a well established effective spell and now only costs 2 mana.


  • Now trigger slightly faster
  • Increased base Damage from 210 to 230 (+10%)
  • Increased base Damage Vs. Buildings from 105 to 115 (+10%)
  • Increased base Damage Vs. Titans from 1050 to 1150 (+10%)

We’d like to see landmines get some more use so we’re giving it a little damage buff and making its explosions trigger a little faster.


  • Increased base Min Area from 3 to 4 (+33%)

We feel that Protection’s unique fluctuating area creates interesting gameplay but may leave a few too many units unprotected, so we’re slightly increasing its minimum radius.


  • Reduced Movement Speed

Wisp has become really popular in Portal + Minotaur combos, especially when paired with Tidal Wave. While we don’t want to cripple that strategy, we are reducing the movement speed of Wisped units a little so they don’t get quite as far in one cast.


Orc Thrasher

  • Reduced base Damage from 440 to 380 (-14%)
  • Reduced base Damage Vs. Buildings from 440 to 380 (-14%)
  • Reduced base Damage Vs. Titans from 4400 to 3800 (-14%)

The Orc Thrasher, with its high Health and Damage for its cost, has been a dominant Titan choice for a long while now. We’d like to rein it back in a touch, so we’re reducing its damage across the board.