Card of the Day 

For players who have reached level 3, every day is a fresh experience with the big new Card Of The Day Feature!

At Midnight UTC, a new Card Of The Day will be selected.  For the duration of the day, this card will play at +2 levels.  Even if your card is already at max level, it’ll play 2 levels higher!  Of course you’ll need this card unlocked, in your deck and must be at least player level 3 to gain this bonus.

Also, during the first or second session of your play in a day, you’ll get an opportunity to vote on tomorrow’s Card of The Day from a random set of three cards.  Voting shuts down 10 minutes before UTC midnight.

Card Of The Day, by default, does not affect Challenge Battles.  However we may allow it for some challenges and will mention this in the description if it applies.

We may also experiment with other level bonuses randomly, for example a +3 level day, just to keep things spicy!  This is a great way to experiment with other cards and try out other deck combinations, but to really take advantage keep as many cards as possible near fighting strength.

Battle Reward Changes

More gold from battles!  With this update, reward from battles is changing a bit.  Now you will receive an amount of gold based on how many shields you get (1, 2 or 3) regardless of if you win, lose or draw.  Ultimately you will get the same amount of gold for 2 shields, less for just 1 and even more than before for 3.  But you are earning it regardless of if you won or not!

*New Spell* Gorgon Zola

In this update we are excited to release a new uncommon spell to the legendary tiers, Gorgon Zola. For three mana, target an area to unleash a horde of Gorgons onto the battlefield. Use Gorgon Zola at an opportune to time to catch your opponent off guard and overwhelm them. See for yourself if these pack of Gorgons make a good addition to your deck! 

Balancing Changes



  • No longer deals Area Damage
  • Reduced lock-on range before charging buildings

We feel that the Minotaur’s area damage is an outdated design that no longer fits with their role in the game, so we’re removing the splash from their attacks. Furthermore, it locks on to a building from a very long range that we also feel is outdated, so we’re reducing this as well.


  • Decreased base Health from 980 to 800 (-18%)

The extreme range and damage of the Sniper has made it very popular, and for good reason. Countering that extreme range is very difficult, however, and almost always results in a big mana deficit. We’ve decided to lower the Sniper’s HP to make it more vulnerable to spell counters.


  • Increased Range from 9 to 10

We’re giving the Sorcerer a little range bump to make it more appealing as a ranged option.


  • Increased base Health from 2400 to 3600 (+50%)

Because of the Valkyrie’s other unique traits we were reluctant to give it too high a base Health value. After observing Valkyrie use in-game during preview, we now feel this reluctance was misplaced so we’re giving it a significant Health boost to make it more survivable for its mana cost.


Arcane Aegis 

  • Now affects buildings

Arcane Aegis biq affect buildings including the objective Towers and Castle. This will give players a way to slow down and counter direct spell attacks on their buildings, towers and castle.


  • Increased Freeze Duration from 3 to 4 (+33%)
  • Increased base Damage from 350 to 500 (+43%)
  • Increased base Damage Vs Titans from 3500 to 5000 (+43%)

Blizzard felt underwhelming for its mana cost, so we’re increasing its damage and freeze duration to make it more competitive when compared to other 4-cost options.

Chain Lightning

  • Reduced base Damage Vs Buildings from 2700 to 1080 (-60%)


  • Reduced base Damage Vs Buildings from 4050 to 1624 (-60%)

A while back we increased the damage vs. buildings of Chain Lightning and Fireball to 5x their regular damage to allow counterplay against building placement spells. This had some negative implications regarding direct castle attack strategies so we’re reducing this to a 2x factor and are also reducing certain buildings’ Health by a proportional amount to keep this counterplay intact.

Mana Tower

  • Reduced base Health from 2500 to 1500 (-60%)

Health reduced proportionally to Chain Lightning and Fireball damage vs. buildings.


  • Attacks will be more erratic
  • Reduced base Damage Vs Buildings from 180 to 90 (-50%)

The Tentacle has been used far too often solely to harass Castles. We intended the Tentacle to mostly flail around, wildly slapping groups of enemy warriors, not sit in one spot hitting a single target repeatedly, and underestimated its usefulness in fast-cycling backdoor decks. We hope this change will restore the card’s original purpose and limit its effectiveness in directly attacking buildings while keeping its original design intent intact.

Tidal Wave 

  • Reduced base Duration from 3.6 to 1.5 (-58%)
  • Increased base Width from 11 to 12 (+9%)

When buffing Tidal Wave a while back, we really wanted to make the card appealing. We feel we succeeded, perhaps too well. We’ve scaled back its duration while increasing its width. It will now catch more units but won’t push them nearly as far. This should put its usefulness more in line with its mana cost.


  • Reduced base Health from 9500 to 5700 (-60%)

Health reduced proportionally to Chain Lightning and Fireball damage vs. buildings.



  • Reduced Freeze Duration from 1.6 to 1.3 (-19%)

The Hydra is predictably popular at its low mana cost. We want to bring its power more in line with that low cost, so we’ve decided to reduce the duration of its Freeze ability a little to make it less effective against potential high damage warrior counters.

Mana Troll 

  • Reduced base Mana Storm damage from 210 to 189 (-10%)
  • Reduced base Mana Storm Siege Damage from 140 to 126 (-10%)
  • Reduced base Mana Storm Titan Damage from 1400 to 1260 (-10%)
  • Reduced bramble effect’s damage

The Mana Troll is another popular Titan option, and while we want it to be suitably powerful for its cost, we want to turn down the damage on its special attacks a little to try to make it a little less dominant.


  • Increased Damage from 220 to 385 (+75%)
  • Increased Damage vs Buildings from 220 to 770 (+250%)
  • Increased Damage vs Titan from 2200 to 3850 (+75%)

The Martyr is used primarily as a support titan but we want him to stand on his own more. We’ve increased Damage across the board and gave an additional bonus to Damage vs Building.



  • Increased base Health from 77000 to 90000 (+17%)

We’re increasing the Castle’s Health to be double a Tower’s to make it more difficult to destroy directly via spell damage.