The Mortar Guard is a powerful counter to clusters of warriors and titans. When the Mortar Guard gets in range, it locks-in and barrages enemy troop formations and Titans.

For three mana, The Mortar Guard is a strong backline indirect-fire unit that prioritizes units at a distance. Though his aim is not great, each shell he launches does an Area-Of-Effect explosion, doing extra damage to Titans.

This unit requires time to setup and tear down his mortar tube, leaving him briefly vulnerable. And he has no close melee attack or defense.

To use the Mortar Guard effectively, you will have to keep pressure on your opponent so they can’t get to them to take them out. Let the war be fought in the middle, with your high-health Titans, or in high numbers with warriors like Shield Knights. While they stall out your opponent’s push, your Mortar Guard will thin them out with indirect fire.

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