Damage Multiplier Hotfix

This patch corrects a long standing, but only recently discovered, bug in the way damage multipliers were applied. Before, when a damage multiplier effect (like, say, from Grow) wore off, it did not remove the damage bonus, and in fact, added it again. This patch fixes that bug so that damage multipliers apply correctly and go away correctly.

This impacts the following cards:

  • Rage Orc
  • Valkyrie
  • Enrage
  • Grow

Speaking of Grow, this spell did not properly handle being cast twice on a unit.  The second Grow impact would just go away the moment the first grow ended. Now, like other spells of this nature, the second Grow will just extend the Grow effect’s time.


The Mana Tower and Trebuchet health values were not properly applied. The intent was to reduce them by 60% (see Update 12 patch notes), but due to a math error this was done incorrectly. These adjustments fix this error.

Mana Tower

  • Reduced base Health from 1500 to 1000 (-33%)


  • Reduced base Health from 5700 to 3800 (-33%)