Every seasons Runes reset. We cycle in some new Runes, cycle out a few others. And we adjust runes, such as unlock requirements, upgrade rewards and even Rune Pont costs.

New Runes 


  • Replaces the Rank 1 Reinforce Rune
  • All damage done to Towers or Castles instead heals them


  • Replaces the Rank 1 Charge Rune
  • All warriors will spawn with bonus damage and movement speed


  • Replaces the Rank 3 Overgrowth Rune
  • Enemy units wander aimlessly for a short time


  • Replaces the Rank 3 Shield Rune
  • Warriors spawn from the castle with higher spawn count


  • Replaces the Clan Rank Shockwave Rune
  • Warriors will spawn with a corruption aura that damages nearby enemies.

New Rank Rewards 

Rewards for fully upgrading a rank of Runes have been updated:

Rank Reward
Clan 2000 Gold
1 100 Gems
2 100 Universal Uncommon Cards
3 5 Universal Heroic Cards

Rune Upgrade Costs 

RP costs for Runes have been adjusted. The initial cost to unlock a Rune has been increased but the upgrade costs have been greatly decreased from last season. Overall the cost has been cut in half to upgrade a full season’s worth of unlock and upgrading.

Rune Play Time 

For this seasons Runes can now be played at anytime after the first minute, right through to the very end of that match (even in overtime!). Now you can use Runes for some last minute saves!

Balancing Changes



  • Decreased Damage from 110 to 85 (-23%)

The Gyrocopter did a lot of damage with its multi-rocket attack, especially when it could focus all of the rockets on a single target, so we’ve brought the damage down a little.


  • Increased number of healing targets from 2 to 3 (+50%)
  • Increased movement speed (+24%)

Healers have a hard time staying near the friendly warriors that need healing. This movement speed increase should keep them in range and the extra target should let them help larger groups more efficiently.


Mortar Guard

  • Decreased time between attacks from 1.6 to 1.2 seconds (-25%)

Once set up, the Mortar Guard now attacks faster, allowing it to deny area more effectively.

Plague Doctor

  • Increased initial damage from 70 to 140 (+100%)

The initial hit from the Plague Doctor felt a bit weak so we’ve increased it.

Shield Knight

  • Decreased Health from 3250 to 2900 (-11%)
  • Increased time between attack from 0.8 to 1.2 seconds (+50%)

Shield Knights are the obvious choice when high health is needed, maybe a little too obvious. We’ve decreased the health a bit and decreased their attack speed. They still give the highest health per mana of any warrior but they won’t bring as much damage to your front line as other options.


  • Increased Health from 900 to 1050 (+17%)

Sorcerers don’t appear in many replays so we’ve increased their health to allow them to maintain their presence on the front line more effectively.


  • Decreased Health from 800 to 700 (-13%)
  • Increased time between attacks from 2.9 to 3.7 seconds (+28%)

Sniper’s range often keeps them out of harm’s way but their health can prevent spells from effectively countering them. We’ve decreased their health to allow more spell counterplay.


  • Increased Health from 1080 to 1225 (+13%)
  • Increased Spin Range (+33%)

The Huntress’ spin attack felt a bit outclassed by other area of effect warrior so we’ve extended the range and gave her a health boost to keep her alive while spinning.


*New* Anti Air Turret

  • Added to Legend Tiers
  • Common rarity
  • Costs 3 mana
  • Spawns a building that can attack flying units and can enter a defensive mode when attacked by ground units.


  • Increased Damage from 20 to 30 (+50%)
  • Increased Damage vs Titans from 45 to 60 (+33%)


  • Increased Duration from 24 to 28 (+17%)
  • Increased Increased Spread Radius (+13%)

It’s a bit frustrating to have contagion not spread to nearby warriors so we’ve increased the spread radius. This should have a noticeable effect on Contagion’s ability to spread between warriors that are running across the battlefield.  

Gravity Well

  • Decreased Duration from 5 to 4 seconds (-20%)

Gravity well is a strong controlling spell for its low cost. We’ve decreased the duration so that it does not overshadow higher cost control spells.


  • Increased Radius from 5 to 8 (+60%)
  • Decreased knockback from 0.5 to 0.4 (-20%)

Landmines have a high damage potential but a single unit could set them all off by running through. Spreading the mines out will allow them to have more of a strategic use.



  • Decreased Freeze Duration from 1.3 to 1.1 seconds (-15%)
  • Decreased angle of Freeze attack cone (-11%)

The freezing breath of the Hydra was a bit too effective against melee warriors. Its freezing cone attack will now be aimed a little more to the left, allowing warriors directly in front of the Hydra to avoid the attack.


  • Increased Health from 18000 to 19500 (+8%)
  • Increased Grave Health from 18000 to 19500 (+8%)

The Phantom has a good damage potential vs strong warriors but just couldn’t stay alive long enough. This health boost will also help the Phantom’s grave last the full duration causing the Phantom to revive.