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Season 26 Balance Changes

Updated: Feb 6, 2019


Runes have been reorganized with several Runes changing which rank they are in. Additionally, Shield and Charge are back, replacing Rockslide and Confusion.

Rank Rewards

  • New rewards for fully leveling all the Runes in a Rank:



  • Increased Range from 9 to 11 (+22%)

  • Dragonlings are hard hitting fliers that often struggle to get close enough to attack vulnerable enemy ground warriors. With this increase to range, Dragonlings can be protected by a strong frontline on the ground.


  • Can now attack flying units

  • Huntresses have been hitting the gym all summer and can now throw their spears far enough to reach fliers. This should open them up as a stronger pick for the ranged warrior slot in most decks.


  • Increased duration of blink damage immunity from 1 second to 2 seconds (+100%)

  • Ninjas have spectacular damage but can sometimes blink to an unwise demise. The extra second should let them get in at least one more attack on their targets.

Rage Orc

  • Increased Damage from 130 to 140 (+8%)

  • Increased Building Damage from 65 to 70 (+8%)

  • Increased Titan Damage from 130 to 175 (+35%)

  • Rage Orcs can be a great Titan counter in mass but a well placed gravity well or fireball can make quick work of any large groups. This damage buff will let fewer of them get the job done, especially against Titans.



Gorgon Zola

  • Decreased Spawn Count from 18 to 16 (-11%)

  • Gorgon Zola is a great card, spawning a bunch of Gorgon at an increased level. It spawns a little too many at once though so we’re reducing the spawn count a bit.

Shield Break

  • Decreased Max Damage Increase at level 1 from 50% to 35% (-30%)

  • Max Damage Increase now goes up by 5% per level

  • Shield Break is a low cost way of countering a large enemy force but it can also be easily countered with Arcane Aegis. We’ve increased the Maximum amount it increases damage on affected units greatly at higher levels to really bring out that power play feeling it has. Now at level 20 it can increase damage taken by enemies by 130%!


  • Increased Damage from 180 to 250 (+39%)

  • Increased Building Damage from 90 to 100 (+11%)

  • Increased Titan Damage from 900 to 1250 (+39%)

  • Decreased duration from 9 seconds to 6 seconds (-33%)

  • The Tentacle can make quick work of a group of enemies, but often its prey can escape before it’s had a major effect. We’ve given it a large damage increase and reduced its duration a bit.



Fire Elemental

  • Decreased the cooldown on Empower from 12 seconds to 10 seconds (-17%)

  • Decreased time between attacks from 2 seconds to 1.7 seconds (-15%)

  • The Fire Elemental has a lot of potential but takes a bit too long to reach it. Increasing her attack speed and decrease the waiting time for Empower will let her control the field quicker.

Monkey King

  • Increased Heal from 20% to 30% (+50%)

  • Increased Line Damage from 500 to 600 (+20%)

  • Increased Whirling Damage from 250 to 300 (+20%)

  • Increased Whirl Titan Damage from 625 to 750 (+20%)

  • The Monkey King is a tricky fellow with a lot of different abilities. We’ve given him a damage increase across the board and a boost to his heal so he may continue his chaos even longer.

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