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Season 28 Balance Changes

Updated: Feb 6, 2019


Runes have been reorganized with several Runes changing which rank they are in. Berserk and Recruit return, replacing Empower Spells and Empower Warriors.

Rank Rewards

  • New rewards for fully leveling all the Runes in a Rank:


Mana Cannon

  • Decreased Initial Damage from 50 to 40 (-20%)

  • Decreased Max Damage from 500 to 400 (-20%)

  • With the Mana Cannon’s faster damage ramp up, it is very destructive. We’ve brought the Initial and Max damages down to compensate.


  • Increased Health from 3672 to 4500 (+23%)

  • Decreased Damage from 120 to 105 (-13%)

  • Other frontline warriors have gotten buffs in recent patches to the point that the Minotaur lost what really makes it unique. We’re increasing health to a massive 4500 and decreasing damage to keep it as the in your face damage sponge we all love.

Rage Orc

  • Increased Rage Duration from 3.6 to 4.4 seconds (+22%)

  • Increased Rage Cooldown from 6 to 7 seconds (+17%)

  • Increased Health from 1200 to 1300 (+8%)

  • Rage Orcs have one of the most powerful buffs in the game but more often recently, they can be CCd or straight up one shot before their Rage can trigger. We’re increasing their health and rage duration so they can see more action with it active.


  • Decreased Health from 3600 to 3300 (-8%)

  • Decreased Damage from 180 to 120 (-33%)

  • Valkyries are very strong in both defense and offense. We’re decreasing their stats, especially damage, to seperate them from the high damage flying warriors.




  • Increased Radius from 7 to 9 (+29%)

  • It can be frustrating when Blizzard wanders away from enemy targets or leaves the area it was cast in. This increase to Radius will allow it to affect the important action more often, even if it wanders the wrong way.

Corrupted Pool

  • Decreased Duration from 8 to 5 seconds (-38%)

  • Spawn Count remains the same

  • The long time the Corrupted Pool lasts along with the “second life” of the Corrupted Warriors that it spawns can lead to difficult to counter situations, even with the right cards. With this change, the same numbers of Warriors will spawn but they will appear quicker.

Gravity Well

  • Decreased Duration from 4 to 3 seconds at level 1 (-25%)

  • Gravity well is still a high use rate card, often picked over other CC options. A small nerf to its duration will help other cards to shine.

Rolling Boulder

  • Increased Damage from 250 to 275 (+10%)

  • Increased Explosion Damage from 5000 to 5500 (+10%)

  • Rolling Boulder has low use rates compared to other damaging spells so we’ve increase its damage to make it a more appealing option.

Tidal Wave

  • Increased Duration from 1.5 to 2 seconds at level 1 (+33%)

  • Backline warriors are more important than ever. This buff to Tidal Wave’s duration will effectively increase the length it can push friendly and enemy units and will help out those clutch last minute pushes.




  • Decreased Health from 26000 to 22500 (-13%)

  • The Hydra offers a lot of effective health with the constant regeneration it has. Decreasing its health but keeping the regeneration the same will allow more combos to deal with it while keeping it a strong long term Titan to support.

Wind Elemental

  • Increased Attack Range from 10 to 11 (+10%)

  • Increased Whirlwind Area from 12 to 14 (+17%)

  • The Wind Elemental is the least used Titan so we’re giving it some more range on its basic attack and its Whirlwind ability.

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