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Welcome to Season 31!




Runes have been reorganized with several Runes changing which rank they are in. Rockslide and Charge return, replacing Berserk and Corrupt.

Rank Rewards

  • New rewards for fully leveling all the Runes in a Rank:

New Card Added:

  • Added to Prestige Tiers:

Rage Ram

  • Added to Legend Tier

  • Will unlock at Tier 7

  • Uncommon rarity

  • Cost 3

  • Rage Ram is a warrior that rushes the nearest building when spawned. If it reaches a building, it will deal heavy siege damage and blow up releasing several Rage Orcs.





  • Increased Charge radius from 8 to 10 (+25%)

  • Minotaurs can deal some serious damage to a building but only if they can make their way to one. This increase to charge range will allow them to push past Gorgons or Shield Knights a little easier when near a building.



Attack Turret

  • Decreased Duration from 21 sec to 16 sec (-24%)

  • Increased Health from 17150 to 21000 (+22%)

  • Increased Damage from 40 to 60 (+50%)

  • Increased Titan Damage from 400 to 600 (+50%)

  • The Attack Turret can be used to break the enemy’s next big push but it often is overwhelmed by strong frontline warriors or instantly destroyed by siege warriors. This sizeable boost to its damage and health will give it a much bigger impact when it’s needed while the decrease to duration will help keep it from encouraging strictly defensive play.


  • Increased Radius from 6 to 8 (+33%)

Healing Circle

  • Increased Radius from 6 to 8 (+33%)

  • Haste and Healing Circle are great supporting cards but the risk of missing a cast or not being able to target the whole group can be a big downside. This radius increase should help these spells be great picks, even in the fastest pace battles.


  • Increased Armor gained from 300 to 480 (+60%)

  • Warriors spawned from the Portal are often spawned right in the heat of battle. This increase to armor will help them stay up long enough to retake the front.


  • Decreased Recall Delay from 0.55 sec to 0.35 sec (-36%)

  • Decreased level 1 Radius from 3.4 to 2.8 (-18%)

  • Increased Radius gained per level from 0.1 to 0.2 (+100%)

  • Recall is a hard spell to hit and often only hits a few warriors. We decreased the level 1 Radius but gave every level above that twice the Radius increase. At level 8 the Radius will be about the same, but for higher levels, the radius has increased quite a bit. We also decreased the delay, making it easier to hit the target.

Titan Hunter

  • Decreased Health from 3750 to 3400 (-9%)

  • Decreased Axe Titan Damage from 19200 to 18400 (-4%)

  • The Titan Hunter is a bit stronger than other anti-titan options, even for a heroic. This Damage and Health decrease should help move it in line. We’ll be keeping a close eye on this card for future changes.

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