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Welcome to Season 33!




Runes have been reorganized with several Runes changing ranks. Berserk and Corrupt return, replacing Empower Warriors and Empower Spells.

Rank Rewards:

  • New rewards for fully leveling all the Runes in a Rank:


New Card Added:

Added to Prestige Tiers:

Orb of Eyes

  • Added to Legend Tier

  • Will unlock at Tier 9

  • Titan rarity

  • Cost 4

  • The Orb of Eyes is a monstrous titan that can fire destructive rays from its many eyes while levitating over ground warriors. It can deal with many foes at once assuming none of its secondary eyes have been damaged but it is especially effective at disintegrating buildings focused by its main





  • Decreased number of brambles spawned by about 40%



  • Decreased number of boulders spawned by 2 at all levels

  • Due to previous Rolling Boulder and Brambles balancing, Rockslide and Overgrowth have become a bit too strong. We’re toning back the spawn numbers for both runes to bring their power back to where it was before.




  • Decreased Damage from 140 to 120 (-14%)

  • Decreased Siege Damage from 70 to 60 (-14%)

  • Huntress use rates are starting to dwarf other ranged units so we’re decreasing the ranged damage a bit. They’ll still do full damage with their signature whirl.


Plague Doctor

  • Decreased Healing Reduction from -80% to -50% (-38%)

  • The healing reduction brought by the plague doctors has definitely hurt healing card use rates and while we don’t want a return of forever living titans, we do still want healing cards to be an option for most decks.



  • Increased Damage from 140 to 160 (+14%)

  • Sorcerers haven’t had any love in a while. We’re moving them back onto the ranged stage with a 14% damage buff.



Healing Circle

  • Increased Healing from 300/s to 450/s (+50%)


Healing Ray

  • Increased Max Heal from 12000 to 15000 (+25%)

  • Healing Circle and Healing Ray have a lot of use overlap so we’re splitting which units each is most effective on. Healing Circle will get a buff to its warrior healing while Healing Ray will get a buff to its max heal, which most benefits titans.



  • Increased Damage from 230 to 250 (+9%)

  • Increased Siege Damage from 115 to 125 (+9%)

  • Increased Titan Damage from 1150 to 1250 (+9%)

  • Increased Explosion Radius from 3 to 3.5 (+17%)

  • Landmines still hasn’t quite found its place with other damaging spells so we’re buffing it’s damage and radius a bit.



  • Increased Bonus Armor from 480 to 600 (+25%)

  • As a strictly combo card, Portal still feels like it might cost a bit too much for the benefit so we’re increasing the bonus armor each unit gains when they spawn in from the portal.



Monkey King

  • Decreased Heal Amount from 30% to 25% (-17%)

  • Decreased how often the Monkey King will heal

  • The Monkey King is definitely a hard card to deal with at times. We’re decreasing how often he heals and the amount that he heals for each time. This should help any counters to him seal the deal.

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