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Welcome to Season 34!



New Challenges are finally here! Cast spells faster than ever in the Arcane Challenge or plow through the enemies towers in the Super Siege Challenge. Be on the lookout for new combo challenges too.


Runes have been reorganized with several Runes changing ranks. Reinforce, Empower Warriors, and Empower Spells return, replacing Arcane Bulwark, Berserk, and Corrupt.

Rank Rewards:

  • New rewards for fully leveling all the Runes in a Rank:





  • Increased Duration from 30 seconds to 40 seconds (+33%)

  • Warrior bonuses often fade before they’re properly used. Berserk’s duration is being increased from 30 to 40 seconds. This longer duration will help sustain warrior bonus damage and movement speed to topple their enemy.



  • Increased Duration from 7 seconds to 8 seconds (+14%)

  • Fortify has a high impact effect in a small time frame. We're increasing the duration by 1 sec to let this rune be useful in more situations.



Mana Cannon

  • Decreased Max Damage from 400 to 320 (-20%)

  • Mana Cannon is still a bit too strong even after the damage ramp nerf so we’re reducing the maximum damage as well.



  • Increased Damage from 280 to 300 (+7%)

  • Increased Titan Damage from 840 to 900 (+7%)

  • Increased attack range (+25%)

  • Werewolves have fallen behind other anti-titan cards so we’re giving them a bit more damage and some range. The extra range will allow them to attack early and better surround titans.



Arcane Aegis

  • Decreased duration from 4 seconds to 3 seconds (-25%)

  • Arcane Aegis is the go to spell for stopping an enemy’s offense and for defending your own pushes. Decreasing its duration will focus this spell more on offensive dispelling uses.


Corrupted Pool

  • Decreased Pool Duration from 5 seconds to 4 seconds (-20%)

  • Increased the speed at which Corrupted Warriors spawn

  • Total Corrupted Warrior spawn count remains the same at 19

  • The Corrupted Pool is a good spell to use for a quick frontline formation or for crowd control. This change will keep the number of warriors the same but will decrease the crowd controlling effect.



  • Increased Damage Bonus from +50% to +75% (+50%)

  • Increased Health Bonus from +50% to +75% (+50%)

  • Decreased Duration at level 1 from 14 seconds to 8 seconds (-43%)

  • Increased Duration per level from 0.2 seconds to 0.4 seconds (+100%)

  • We’re increasing the effect of grow by a significant amount so every use feels impactful. To balance this increase, we’re decreasing the duration a bit.


Hold The Line

  • Decreased Duration at level 1 from 11 seconds to 6 seconds (-45%)

  • Increased Duration per level from 0.2 seconds to 0.3 seconds (+50%)

  • Increased Bonus Speed from +100% to +135% (+35%)

  • Hold the Line usage has been closely tied to the Trebuchet. We’re greatly increasing the attack speed so it become a great defensive spell on towers again.



  • Decreased Health from 38000 to 33000 (-13%)

  • Increased Duration from 20 seconds to 28 seconds (+40%)

  • Decreasing the health of the Trebuchet will allow it to be countered more easily while the extended duration will allow 2 extra attacks from it if it isn’t countered soon enough.


Siege Brute

  • Increased time between attack from 2.6 seconds to 2.9 seconds (+12%)

  • The Siege Brute is very effective when aided by crowd control spells. This popular strategy has prompted us to increase the time between the Siege Brute' attacks from 2.6 to 2.9 seconds. With this change, each hit from the Siege Brute will be impactful, but it won’t be able to take a tower quite as fast.


Wind Elemental

  • Decreased Whirlwind Duration from 2.9 seconds to 2.7 seconds (-7%)

  • The Wind Elemental has fallen behind in use rates compared to other titans so we’re increasing its attack speed to give it a bit more damage per second on its aoe.

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