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Welcome to Season 37!


Runes have been reorganized with several Runes changing ranks. Empower Spells, Empower Warriors, and Arcane Bulwark return replacing Rockslide, Berserk, and Reinforce.

Rank Rewards:

  • New rewards for fully leveling all the Runes in a Rank:





  • Increased spawn count from 3 to 4 (+33%)

  • When a big Area spell hits, often healers can’t keep up with the number of targets that need to be healed. This increase to spawn count lets them heal a lot more of your front and back lines with the same mana cost.



  • Increased Movement Speed by about 13%

  • Minotaurs can take quite a few hits, but even with their long lives, they struggle to break through front lines to reach enemy towers. This speed increase will make it easier for them to reach the action and to reach towers.




  • Increased Damage Reduction from -15% to -20% (+25%)

  • Enrage’s use rates have dropped a bit over the past few seasons so we’re giving it a bit of a boost to the protection it provides to affected friendly warriors.



  • Increased movement speed bonus from +40% to +50% (+25%)

  • The attack speed buff provided by Haste can be really strong but only after they reach their target. We’re buffing the movement speed to let affected warriors reach their targets faster for massive damage potential.


Titan Hunter

  • Increased Axe Cooldown at level 1 from 5.5 seconds to 6 seconds (+9%)

  • The titan Hunter has been a crowd favorite for a long time but he might be a bit too strong currently. We’re increasing the time between his Axe throws to give more counterplay time before he can use it again.




  • Increased Damage per Second from 270 to 300 (+11%)

  • Increased Titan Damage per Second from 2400 to 2700 (+13%)

  • The Harbinger works well against spawns of weaker warriors but can take a while to kill bulkier warriors like Minotaurs or Shield Knights. This change should help the Harbinger deal with those big units.

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