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Welcome to Season 40!


Runes have been reorganized with several Runes changing ranks. Long Reign, Kraken, and Reinforce return replacing Rockslide, Berserk, and Empower Warriors.

Rank Rewards:

  • New rewards for fully leveling all the Runes in a Rank:





- Increased Titan Damage from 240 to 280 (+17%)

- We’re increasing only the titan damage for the Ballista to create a new soft counter option against titans.



- Increased Area Damage from 120 to 150 (+25%)

- The Bombard’s Damage is getting bumped up to allow it to handle enemy warriors a bit better, especially in numbers.


Plague Doctor

- Increased Healing Reduction from 50% to 60% (+20%)

- Decreased Area Damage from 140 to 130 (-7%)

Plague Doctors used in mass can be quite effective even without the healing reduction they bring so we’re decreasing their damage and bumping up their healing reduction to shift them back to a more specialized role.



- Decreased Damage from 160 to 150 (-6%)

- Sorcerers have become a very effective ranged unit, especially against Warrior heavy enemy decks so we’re decreasing damage a bit.




- Increased Area Damage from 50 to 60 (+20%)

- Brambles is a very useful slow but might not be a great pick for dealing damage. We’re increasing the damage done to shift its use case from utility to a potential damage spell option.


Chain Lightning

- Increased Titan Damage from 8100 to 9000 (+11%)

- We’re increasing the Titan Damage done by Chain Lightning to keep its power in line with the increased health of titan a few seasons back.



- Increased Duration from 5 to 5.3 seconds (+6%)

- Coldsnap feels a bit too short in the quick paced higher tiers so we’re increasing the duration.



- Decreased Health from 3750 to 3250 (-13%)

- The Warlock’s damage and crowd control potential is undeniable but maybe it is a bit too tanky too. We’re decreasing the health a bit to allow better counterplay against it.



Orb of Eyes

- Decreased Damage from 200/s to 180/s (-10%)

- Decreased Side Eye Damage from 200/s to 180/s (-10%)

- The Orb of eyes should be primarily a siege focused titan but it currently does a lot of damage against warriors too. We’re decreasing its damage against warriors and we’ll be keeping an eye on this titan for any future changes.

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