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Welcome to Season 42!


Runes have been reorganized with several Runes changing ranks. Empower Spells and Charge return replacing Rockslide and Overgrowth.

Rank Rewards:

  • New rewards for fully leveling all the Runes in a Rank:





- Decreased Health from 2200 to 2000 (-9%)

- Increased Damage from 85 to 90 (+6%)

- Gyrocopters feel a bit too durable at times so we’re shifting their stats to fit them better to a more aggressive playstyle.


Mortar Guard

- Increased Damage from 200 to 225 (+13%)

- Increased Titan Damage from 800 to 900 (+13%)

- Getting a Mortar Guard into position can be a difficult task against a skilled opponent. Buffing their damage will allow them to be even more devastating once they get set up.



Anti-Air Turret

- Decreased Mana Cost from 3 to 2 (-50%)

- Decreased Duration from 25 seconds to 15 seconds (-40%)

- The Anti-Air Turret is used more as a wall than its intended purpose so we’re decreasing the cost and duration. This should allow players to use it more often without leaving a big health sponge in the middle of the map for as long.


Attack Turret

- Decreased Titan Damage from 450 to 360 (-20%)

- The Attack Turret felt a bit too strong against all enemy types so we’re decreasing the titan damage on it to encourage anti-titan cards to be used along with it.


Titan Hunter

- Decreased Titan Damage from 18400 to 17000 (-8%)

- The Titan Hunter does one thing and he does it really well. Maybe too well so we’re decreasing his damage a bit.




- Increased Movement Speed by 10%

- Increased Damage per Second from 316 to 340 (+8%)

- Increased Titan Damage per Second from 2844 to 3060 (+8%)

- This speed and damage increase should allow the Harbinger to deal with multiple enemy waves more easily.

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